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This website has been produced as part of the outputs from the “Discovering Collections of Social Science Open Educational Resources” Project.

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This has been supported by Jisc and the HEA as part of the Open educational resources programme – phase 2

There are two challenges that the project is addressing.

First is which of the Web 2.0 technologies are best suited to dissemination support – Wikis, Blogs, discussion boards, database interrogators, bookmarking systems etc.

The project will examine and pilot various approaches and seek to obtain feedback from potential users about suitable approaches. The second challenge is the issue of linking this material with the resources themselves found on different websites and inside repositories. Our key objective is a better informing of the process of using OER to support research methods teaching, and improving the discoverability of research methods resources.

Project Team

Dr Isabelle Brent

Project Co-ordinator, Isabelle Brent, isabelle.brent@prm.ox.ac.uk, C-SAP (HEA Subject Network, University of Birmingham) consultant

Isabelle completed her MSc and her doctorate from The University of Oxford, and her undergraduate work at The University of Cambridge. Her training and expertise in Educational Research (especially qualitative methods) and her knowledge of the social implications of educational issues is invaluable.

Dr Anna Gruszczynska

Project Researcher, Anna Gruszczynska, C-SAP (HEA Subject Network, University of Birmingham), a.gruszczynska@bham.ac.uk

Anna has recently completed doctoral research on collective identity processes in the context of public gay and lesbian activism in Poland at Aston University, Birmingham. Her research interests include social movements, intersections of sexualities and health – especially within Central Eastern Europe as well as e-learning and computer-aided qualitative software data analysis. She has contributed to the edited volume “Beyond the Pink Curtain” (Peace Institute, 2007), published in Sexualities (2009) and Emotion, Space and Society (2009).

Graham R GibbsProject Investigator, Graham Gibbs, University of Huddersfield, G.R.Gibbs@hud.ac.uk

Reader in Social Research Methods at the University of Huddersfield. National Teaching Fellow. Recent projects: Climbie corpus project, REQUALLO, OnlineQDA, YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/GrahamRGibbs

Andrew Teal

Project technical assistance, Andrew Teal, University of Huddersfield, a.teal@hud.ac.uk

Thematic Collections Reviewers

Dr Kate Orton-Johnson, Deputy Director of the Graduate School in Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

Dr Ian Fairweather, Assistant Director of Methods @ Manchester, University of Manchester

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