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REVIEW: A visual tool for exploring ANOVA

Understanding ANOVA Visually (1998, 2000) by Tom Malloy (University Utah, USA)

Reviewed by Graham R Gibbs

This resource is a visual, manipulable tool for examining the relationship between the variance between means, the variance within groups and the resulting F value. In the tool there are four groups that are compared and the user can change ... Continue reading

REVIEW: Nominal – ordinal - ratio

Scales for Measurement by Terry L. Brink (Redlands University, USA)

Reviewed by Graham R Gibbs

This is a short 7 minute video produced in February 2009 by T.L.Brink (aka the Headless Professor). The presentation is old-style, a homage to Bob Dylan, paper and felt tip pen. Brink explains the types of scales: nominal (binary and multiple), ... Continue reading

REVIEW: Understanding and interpreting cross-tabulations

Recognising and interpreting Cross Tabular Data

By Brendan Burchell (University of Cambridge), developed by James McHugh

Reviewed by Graham R Gibbs

This reusable learning object (RLO) teaches students how to recognise cross-tabulated nominal data, interpret it by calculating appropriate percentages and, using these percentages, draw ... Continue reading

REVIEW: The design of a simple two groups experiment

The PsychFiles Episode 45: Basic Research Design – Part 1

By Dr. Michael Britt

Reviewed by Graham R Gibbs

This is one of over 90 videos mainly on psychology and related issues. Some, such as this video, cover aspects of research methods. In this Dr. Michael Britt, who is the author of all the Psych Files videos and who works ... Continue reading

REVIEW: Workshop/lecture on Grounded Theory Method

Research Training 2 day Workshop – Grounded Theory Method
by Prof Tony Bryant

Reviewed by Graham R Gibbs

This is a video of a 50 minute lecture by Prof. Tony Bryant (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK) on grounded theory, its history and some of the debates amongst its advocates. Prof. Bryant is the co-editor of the recent Sage ... Continue reading

REVIEW: 'Mac' and 'PC' on the qualitative/quantitative divide

‘Get a Research Method’, A YouTube video by ‘DeepRat’ reviewed by Graham R Gibbs.

Quantitative research is often criticised for producing meaningless numeric results and qualitative research is criticised for drawing wide conclusions from very small samples. This 2 min. humorous video debate imposes a tongue-in-cheek discussion of these issues on the two ... Continue reading

REVIEW: Learning and teaching resources available from the 4th ESRC Festival.

The 4th ESRC National Centre for Research Methods Festival.

Reviewed by Graham R Gibbs

This is the fourth of a festival run by the NCRM/ESRC once every two years as a showcase for the research methods projects they are funding and aimed especially at postgraduate students. Sessions covered a very wide range of classic and innovative ... Continue reading

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