REVIEW: ‘Mac’ and ‘PC’ on the qualitative/quantitative divide

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Reader in Social Research Methods at the University of Huddersfield. National Teaching Fellow.

‘Get a Research Method’, A YouTube video by ‘DeepRat’ reviewed by Graham R Gibbs.

Quantitative research is often criticised for producing meaningless numeric results and qualitative research is criticised for drawing wide conclusions from very small samples. This 2 min. humorous video debate imposes a tongue-in-cheek discussion of these issues on the two characters from the Apple, UK ‘Mac and PC’ adverts.

It could be used as a useful ending to a session on the pros and cons of qualitative and quantitative methods or as an icebreaker for a class discussion on these issues. The video makes sense (and is more humorous) when you know a little about the interminable quant-qual debates in social research methods. Would work at undergrad or postgrad levels. For full humorous effect, it might depend on students’ familiarity with the original adverts. This video was posted in 2007.

This is not Creative Commons licensed, but it is on YouTube so playing the original in educational contexts is fine. However, it is unclear if any other reuse of the video is allowed.


Gibbs, Graham R (2011) ‘’Mac’ and ‘PC’ on the qualitative/quantitative divide’. Review of DeepRat (2007) Get a Research Method, Methods Website <>

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