REVIEW: Nominal – ordinal – ratio

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Scales for Measurement by Terry L. Brink (Redlands University, USA)

Reviewed by Graham R Gibbs

This is a short 7 minute video produced in February 2009 by T.L.Brink (aka the Headless Professor). The presentation is old-style, a homage to Bob Dylan, paper and felt tip pen. Brink explains the types of scales: nominal (binary and multiple), ranked/ordinal and ratio. There is a clear, straightforward explanation of the ideas with examples and then he uses coloured lids to explain categories and scaling. Brink is a psychologist by background but the video content is fairly subject neutral and could be used on any course.

Sound is good, image quality is reasonable.

The video could be used in a lecture on measurement or just as supplementary material. It is introductory level and probably best with first year undergraduates at the start of a quantitative methods course.

The video is on YouTube with no specific licence.

Other videos by the ‘Headless Professor’


Gibbs, Graham R (2011) ‘Nominal – ordinal – ratio’. Review of Brink, Terry L. (2009) Scales for Measurement, Methods Website <>


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